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The energy has been vital for human survival since our origin. Foods that keep us alive contain stored energy. During the day, we receive energy from the sun as light and heat, and at night, the power of the bulbs lights us. The vehicles moved first by the human or animal power, later by the energy produced by steam or stored in fuel..

Throughout his evolution, human learned to use different energy sources, discovered the use of fire, wind, coal, and many thousands years later, the energy obtained from natural sources virtually inexhaustible. Some for the vast amount of energy they contain, and others because they are able to regenerate by natural means…

Solar Energy

Thanks to our previous experience of more than 10 years in the field of renewable energies and more than 7 MW sold in the last 6 months we can be considered as experts in installation of solar, thermal and concentrator solar panels.


We develop and provide energy facilities for organic waste management improvement and its consequent use for energy production in collaboration with NWT Czech holding company.

Alternative Energies

Nest is perfectly aware of increasing importance of the energy sector development and proposes tailored solutions for a better use of natural resource.